1. Part time university course (I have completed 2 semesters part time – 2 hours of class a week).
  2. Skype at least once a week with my tutor in China on italki.
  3. Pleco – both an interactive dictionary and flashcard system with spaced repetition software  (here’s a good explanation of what that is if you don’t know – The Spaced Repetition Party).
  4. Anki – an incredible (and free!) spaced repetition flashcard system. I’m currently going through this comprehensive deck of Chinese sentences.
  5. ChinesePod – graded audio lessons with transcripts in Characters+pinyin+English.
  6. Yoyo Chinese – Chinese on the street videos + graded grammar + character lessons. I’m currently going through the Yoyo 300 Chinese characters and have found it the most memorable way so far to learn characters.
  7. Chinese TV shows, movies, music and podcasts.
  8. Chinese meetup (you can look for meetups near you here).

Where in the world wide web I go for Chinese content and learning

  • SBS on Demand (if you are in Australia) has the hugely popular Chinese dating show If You Are The One ( 诚勿扰 – Fei Cheng Wu Rao) as well as Chinese movies and podcasts (the TV show and movies have English subtitles but you are on your own with the podcasts).
  •  YouTube is obviously  another place to go for Chinese content (I watch Where Are We Going Dad – 爸爸去哪儿 – Ba Ba qu na li? on YouTube – some have English subtitles).
  • For Chinese music I use 8tracks (I use the Android app) as it has good playlists of Chinese songs and doesn’t have any ads – I have tried Spotify but I prefer 8tracks as it doesn’t have ads and I find the Chinese music selection better.
  • If you are looking for YouTube videos about learning Chinese there are heaps but I have watched a lot of this guy’s videos.
  • There are also learning based sites such as fluentU – where you can view videos with subtitles in Chinese characters, pinyin and English.
  • Plenty of blogs also give advice on learning Chinese. Some I have used quite a bit include Hacking Chinese and Sinosplice.

These are just my lists, if you have found other useful resources or have want to share more tips please leave them in the comment section below 🙂


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