Speaking of China

Jocelyn’s wonderful blog about her life in China with her Chinese husband is a huge inspiration to me.

Texan in Tokyo

Grace’s post on AMWF relationships was the first post I came across on this topic and I have followed her wonderful blog about her life in Japan with her Japanese husband ever since.

West Dates East

Autumn’s hugely entertaining blog about being a “unicorn” (a white chick with an Asian dude) is a recent discovery for me but I am totally addicted.

Marta Lives in China

Marta’s insightful blog about living in China with her Chinese husband has loads of interesting observations about life in China and AMWF relationships.

The Ruby Ronin

Mary’s blog has insights into a whole range of things ranging from being half Asian and living in Japan and China to interracial dating and speaking multiple languages.

China Elevator Stories

Ruth’s snapshot “elevator stories” give fascinating little bite-sized insights into life in China.

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