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A quick intro –

Name: Chi (pronounced chai, like the tea).

Yes, it’s my real name.

No it doesn’t have an interesting story behind it or any particular meaning.

No I don’t have any kind of exotic background.

What this blog is about: Learning Chinese – in somewhat unusual circumstances.

I have never been to China, I have no plans to live or work there.

My fiance – who happens to have been born in China to Chinese parents – speaks perfect English (along with Spanish and Chinese) so he’s not the reason I am learning .

His parents – who speak pretty much exclusively in Chinese – are the reason I STARTED learning.

However, the reason I CONTINUE to learn is that Chinese is changing the way I think so much that  can’t imagine not learning it anymore.

Work: Aside from studying Chinese I also work full time as an advisor to a state government minister.

Prior to this I worked as a journalist for a national news wire service.

I also snuck in two winters working at the snowfields (in Australia and Japan) with my then-boyfriend, now-fiance.

Fun: It’s fair to say I might be slightly addicted to the snow.


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