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The strangest place I’ve eaten

In Taiwan I ate. A lot. Pretty much every few hundred metres.

I could spend all day talking about the food – but I will spare you and just do a photo post of all the things I couldn’t resist later – in this post I want to share the strangest PLACE I ate.

As someone from a country where the words “hospital” and “food” only ever go together with a grimace and visions of bland, possibly unrecognisable grey matter, I was confused when google maps indicated there was a restaurant in the Buddhist hospital I was walking past.

At first I felt a bit awkward just walking into a hospital to have a look around but there were heaps of people coming and going and not all of them looked sick or injured so I put on my best stupid foreigner face and went in.

To my amazement there was a whole world inside – shops, food, people.

I sat down at a vegetarian buffet and enjoyed one of the tastiest meals I’ve had – reminding myself the whole time that I was, in fact, inside a hospital.

What’s the strangest place you’ve eaten in?



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