August 2016 19
I quit my job!
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When – at 15 – I decided I would be a journalist, the outlook was always one of low pay, limited job opportunities and no job security. Universities were (and still are) busily churning out

June 2016 09
Why I don’t have many friends
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I have never held a dinner party with 10 of my closest friends. I don’t have 10 people to invite. I don’t have friends I see every weekend, I don’t even have friends I see

April 2016 24
Top 3 things about Taiwan
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I expected to love Taiwan. Everyone I spoke to told me about the friendly locals, the excellent public transport and THE FOOD. Yet somehow Taiwan managed to surpass my heightened expectations – here’s how: 1:

March 2016 13
I like skiing not chemistry!
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I have lost count of the number of conversations I have had in Chinese that have gone something like this: Random person: what do you like to do for fun? Me: I like skiing (huá

February 2016 14
First haircut in Chinese
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The conversation (in Chinese) at one of the ‘take a ticket from the vending machine, wait in line and hope’ style hairdressers here in Taipei went like this: Me: hi, happy new year (since the

January 2016 20
I’m going to Taiwan!
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I leave tomorrow (eek!!) I’m going there to study for five weeks (with the aim of getting my Chinese above the level of a barely speaking toddler). This will be the first time I have

November 2015 29
Chinese comfort food
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Potatoes have always been my go-to comfort food. Fried, mashed, baked they are, without a doubt, a food I could get fat on. When my Chinese fiance Peter first introduced me to congee (米粥  mǐzhōu

November 2015 07
VIDEO: speaking Chinese (very badly)
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One of the hardest things for me about learning Chinese is getting over the fear/embarrassment of sounding like an idiot. I find that when I try to use my (very rudimentary) Chinese with native speakers

September 2015 15
Unnatural immersion
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Since I am not in China I am doing all I possibly can to create an “immersion environment” with some interesting (somewhat unexpected) results… I have never been so pleased when someone tries to sell

September 2015 15
The “sleeping dictionary” dream
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Random people on the street have helped me more with my language learning endeavour than my “sleeping dictionary”. To be fair, I didn’t get with my Chinese fiance Peter for his “sleeping dictionary” capabilities. I